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For about nine months as you are preparing for the most majestic role of your life, you'll  be going trough some unbelievable changes. Those moments are definitely the ones you want to keep forever. 

Pregnant women having Maternity photos taken


Do not have the same photos as everyone else.

I want you to see these photos in some years, remember that dress or other outfits you'll wear, and get this rush of memories that puts you back in that time. 
In other words, I want to capture the natural glow of your pregnancy and not some magazine cover photos where you wore someone else's gown and lots of makeup not recognizing yourself a year from now.​



The best time to take photos is between the 7th and 8th month of pregnancy. Your belly will be showing all nice and round and you won't feel so heavy yet. 

Book your session in that period of time as you wont be able to turn it back to get those photos captured again.


Price for the 1 hour photo-shoot is 1800,- kr

and includes one print 20x30cm on a fine art paper.

*All other products and digital files sells separately

check prices for more info on that

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