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My name is Nino and I am family and wedding photographer from Stavanger. I am also  father of two and husband to a lovely wife.

I have been surrounded by art my whole life. Being a professional musician who grew up with my clarinet and classical music is something that has shaped my personality in a great deal. Some years ago I jumped into another form of art where I turned my focus more towards the people. Being able to capture emotion and memory for someone gives me drive to continue doing that what I love.


Over the years variety of my clients grew together with my own development. There is this unique satisfaction being able to capture people, their facial expressions, emotion and even being able to show them how to see themselves in a way I see them through my lens. Creating memories for families and couples and capturing tears and smiles on the wedding day, that is something I really love doing...

So, YOU are someone I am looking forward to meeting, someone I am willing to give all I know in order to eternalize important moments from your life.

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