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Stavanger fotograf


I am Stavanger based portrait photographer, father of two and husband to a lovely wife.

I have been surrounded by art my whole life. Being a professional musician who grew up with my clarinet and classical music in general is something that shaped my personality in a great deal. As a musician you get to experience these surreal moments on stage that give you energy and joy of life but unfortunately vanish all too soon. I always wanted to capture and keep these moments with me somehow. And slowly my spirit and a little bit of fate led me in a new direction, into the world of photography.


This is actually a funny story.

My first camera was actually a present I gave to my wife since she always bragged about making amazing photos and how she would do an amazing job with a professional camera. Unfortunately, her interest in it didn't last for long and soon enough it was me who started falling in love with it. Little after I took my first photography course and just became consumed by it. That was roughly 8 years ago.



Over the past several years variety of my costumers grew together with my own development. From musical ensembles to oil companies over the numerous private shoots, broadness of photography is something that has helped me stay creative for my clients and myself. But portraiture is something that has gotten a hold of me from the very beginning. There is this unique satisfaction being able to capture people, their facial expressions, emotion and even being able to show them how to see themselves in a way I do through my lens...

So, YOU are someone I am looking forward to meeting, someone I am willing to give all I know in order to preserve those important moments in you life.





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