Family and portrait photographer
in Stavanger

Daughter wall mock up

Do you want to have a dreamlike portrait of your loved ones

framed on your wall?

Do you struggle with responsibility of being family photographer? 
Documenting your children growing up is important but you are on a phone taking picture of your kid blowing candles and looking trough a screen, on his birthday.

Be a dad or a mom only, and let me capture that moment for you.  

"The fact that Nino came to our local environment and was with us for a few hours where we were ourselves, resulted in beautiful and natural pictures"

-Lise Marte Hagen

Vibrant photography is the term most of my clients are comfortable when describing my photos. I myself see life colorful most of the times and that is how I want to present it.

Photographer based in Stavanger_edited.jpg

I am a portrait photographer living in Stavanger, Norway. 

Being a professional musician for many years I got to learn that art is a language for itself. A universal language to be more exact and one that knows no borders.

Photography for me is a medium that, given the right circumstances, can tell a story truer than the words. Get in touch with me if there is anything you want to ask or discus.