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Family photography in Stavanger

Are you tired of the pressure of taking photos of your kids?
I mean, you’re not a photographer, right?
Your kids are growing up so fast, and at all the important moments you are fiddling with your camera/phone, not really being present with them

Does this feel familiar?

What about you just being a parent, spending more time with your family being PRESENT.


This is how it works:

1.We talk on the phone getting to know each other so I can learn more about you.
2.We find a suitable time.
3.After the shoot you order your favorites from an online gallery.

For 5000,- kr you are getting one hour photoshoot + 10 digital files ready for print


I am a portrait photographer living in Stavanger, Norway. 

Being a professional musician for many years I got to learn that art is a language for itself. A universal language to be more exact and one that knows no borders.

Photography for me is a medium that, given the right circumstances, can tell a story truer than the words. Get in touch with me if there is anything you want to ask or discus.

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